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This is KayanBible website. We have Bible text, Bible story, listening, song and audio. We haven't finished everything yet. We already finished some, so we would like to share with all of our Kayan people. Come and see in our website and download free. You can give us your advice and suggestions.

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Bǎ Li cǎnsû̌ dò ngaò̌thapaô̌ kaǔ mè, bwailan Li cǎnsû̌, ngaò̌thapaô̌, Li cǎnsû̌ tatai, nadeǐn Li cǎnsû̌, U Li cǎnsû̌ tayòn, ngaò̌thapaô̌ dau. Bwailan sǐ yaû̌ Khrīphao ta. Ka aò kaǐ aò mò̌, ba lo mè ka bwailan mò̌ htǔ naò.